Fracture pruning + Crown restoration


Restorative Pruning

By employing a variety of pruning techniques, we can restore a declining mature canopy to new splendor over a period of years.


Fracture Pruning Cuts

When forced to remove large pieces of tree, fracture pruning cuts look more natural, and are more familiar to the tree. We NEVER want to remove more than 20% of the food producing canopy during restoration. The tree has mechanisms to deal with breakage of large structural limbs.  Rather than "suckering out" right around the site of the cut, the tree tends to release slower, more productive new growth from lower sites. Using this method, over a period of a few years, we can cause the crown to regenerate a new architectural limb structure.


How is this Applicable?

- Tree is exibiting a large amount of canopy dieback.

- A tree has been malpruned, or topped.

- Trees are in view. 

-To create locations for Wildlife Habitat Installation.