Dynamic support systems

There is more than one solution.

By introducing a dynamic support system in trees, or limbs that may be at risk for failure, we can potentially save many endeared and functional tree from damage, and unecessary removal!


Cutting Edge Materials

For this process we almost always use  a hollow braid polyester rope that now takes the place of steel cabling. This is a strong, long-lasting, UV resistant material is easy to splice and is almost undetectable from the ground once installed do to the exclusive camouflage coloring. This is a far more non-invasive process because it does not involve drilling into the tree. 


Dynamic VS Static Cabling Systems

By using a dynamic system, it allows the tree to move naturally. This causes the production the reaction wood, which is the trees natural response to gravity. The overall combined union is much stronger than with a static system.

Is it Expensive?

Most support sytem intallations range from approximately $150-$500 per cable. Its a great, low cost, low impact way to mitigate tree risk. Excillent idea for storm prep!

If you think your tree may be at risk, call today and let us put your mind at ease!